Volume 2

CHS Publishing Program and Goals

Article Contents   Summary   Making books digitally   Digital publication at CHS: Ideally, a streamlined process     Creative publishing arrangements and exploiting online technology     Overview   Contents Page   Summary   … Read more

Improving Ancient History Online with Heml

Article Contents front-matter.summary Introduction Visualizing Ancient Historical Information with Heml Producing Marked-up Events Combining Marked-up Events Future Directions Bibliography   The Historical Event Markup and Linking Project (Heml) provides a markup language… Read more

From GML to XML

Article Contents Summary   Looking for Dionysos   The Era of the Index Card   Community Computing   The Obstacle Course   The Happy Ending   Bibliography       … Read more

Demos: Challenges and Lessons

Article Contents Summary Introduction Down the Pipe What You Get for Free The PDFs and the Economics of Transformation The Challenge of Canonical Citation, or, Don’t Mess   with the DTD A Good Use of Standoff Markup… Read more