Issue 1

The Homeric Poems after Ionia: a Case in Point

Abstract The general topic of this paper is the reception of the Homeric poems in mainland Greece after their substantial formation in Ionia in the late eighth and early seventh centuries BC. The case in point is Sparta in the late seventh and early sixth centuries BC in the aftermath… Read more

Tumuli of Achilles

Achilles died at Troy and was buried there, ancient myth and poetry agree. After his corpse was burned on a pyre, a great tomb, or tumulus, was heaped up over his bones. But the tumulus of Achilles is not just a mythological motif; it has also been regarded as a… Read more

An Early Christian Homerizon? Decoy, Direction, and Doxology

Prolegomena The task of detecting “Homeric horizons” within the texts, traditions, and practices of ancient Christianity poses a set of questions that exposes many of the working presuppositions of early Christian scholarship. These presuppositions or habits include assumptions regarding the social and education context of ancient Christian authors; the exclusivity,… Read more