Issue 2

Agamemnon’s Corselet in the Light of Cypriote Myth

Maria Papaioannou Prompted by the Iliad’s mention of Kinyras, the mythical king of Cyprus, in 11.20-23, I set out to examine a possible case of intertextuality between the Homeric Iliad and the Cyclic mytho-poetic tradition of the Kypria, which has been variously associated with the island of Cyprus. I am… Read more

kyklos2 – Landing

Kyklos Volume 2 19 June 2014 Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington,Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplio, GreeceUniversity of MissouriUniversity of TorontoUniversity of FloridaUniversità Degli Studi di Salerno Micro-multiformity and Tradition: Clues to the Odyssey’s Composition Justin Arft (University of Missouri)Supervisor: Prof. David Schenker Respondent: Prof. Jonathan Burgess (University of Toronto) Agamemnon’s… Read more