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27 June 2012

Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington,
Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplio, Greece
University of Washington
University of Toronto
University of Florida
Durham University

Epic Cycle: Early Conceptualization and Later Reception
Efstathia Maria C. Athanasopoulou (CHS, Nafplio, Greece)
Respondent Jonathan Burgess

Diomedes between the Iliad and the Epic Cycle
Catherine Goode (Durham University)
Respondent Casey Dué Hackney

Catalogue and Symposium: Catalogue of Women, Odyssey, Cypria
Laura Mawhinney (University of Toronto)
Respondent Olga Levaniouk

Taphians and Thesprotians in the Odyssey and Beyond
Rebecca Rohdenberg & Jim Marks (University of Florida)
Respondent Jonathan Burgess

Slaughter at the Altar: The Career of Neoptolemos at Troy in the Epic Cycle and Beyond
Edward Bertany (University of Washington)
Respondent Efimia Karakantza

Lesches and the Contest of Homer and Hesiod
Paola Bassino (Durham University)
Respondent Jim Marks