kyklos2: papioannou

Back Agamemnon’s Corselet in the Light of Cypriote Myth Maria Papaioannou Prompted by the Iliad’s mention of Kinyras, the mythical king of Cyprus, in 11.20-23, I set out to examine a possible case of intertextuality between the Homeric Iliad and the Cyclic mytho-poetic tradition of the Kypria, which has… Read more

kyklos2: verzina

Back Achilles at Scyros and the Cypria: Tradition And Myth in the Epic Cycle [1] Pietro Verzina Escon dagli occhi tuoi lampi e faville:Pirra si perde e comparisce Achille. Pietro Metastasio. Achille in Sciro, act 1, scene 8 In this paper I will analyze the episode of Achilles… Read more

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Kyklos Volume 2 19 June 2014 Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington,Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplio, GreeceUniversity of MissouriUniversity of TorontoUniversity of FloridaUniversità Degli Studi di Salerno Micro-multiformity and Tradition: Clues to the Odyssey’s Composition Justin Arft (University of Missouri)Supervisor: Prof. David Schenker Respondent: Prof. Jonathan Burgess (University of Toronto) Agamemnon’s… Read more

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Kyklos Volume 1 27 June 2012 Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington,Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplio, GreeceUniversity of WashingtonUniversity of TorontoUniversity of FloridaDurham University Epic Cycle: Early Conceptualization and Later ReceptionEfstathia Maria C. Athanasopoulou (CHS, Nafplio, Greece)Respondent Jonathan Burgess Diomedes between the Iliad and the Epic CycleCatherine Goode (Durham University)Respondent… Read more

kyklos1: rohdenberg

Back Taphians and Thesprotians Within and Beyond the Odyssey Rebecca Rohdenberg & Jim Marks It is undisputed that the Homeric account of Odysseus took shape in the midst of various and often conflicting stories about the hero’s parentage, involvement in the Trojan War, and protracted return. [1] As… Read more

kyklos1: goode

Back Tydeus and the Cadmaeans Catherine Goode In the 2010 edition of Trends in Classics, edited by Christos Tsagalis and entitled “Homeric Hypertextuality”, Mary Ebbott explored how we can use hypertextual links in the Iliad to discover more about the Theban tradition of stories, which may provide possible links… Read more

kyklos1: bertany

Back Slaughter at the Altar: The Career of Neoptolemus at Troy in the Epic Cycle and Beyond Edward Bertany In his Description of Greece, Pausanias provides an extremely detailed ekphrasis of the famous murals completed by Polygnotus in the first half of the fifth century BCE at the Cnidian… Read more

kyklos1: Bassino

Back Lesches and the Contest between Homer and Hesiod Paola Bassino In this paper I offer a new analysis of Plutarch’s Dinner of the Seven Sages 153f–154a, one of the most interesting testimonia about Lesches, one of the alleged poets of the Epic Cycle. In this passage Lesches is… Read more

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Kyklos@Classics@ Kyklos is a program devoted to new and developing scholarship concerning the Greek Epic Cycle. Its primary purpose is to foster a new generation of classical scholars by offering them, at an early stage in their academic careers, an opportunity to test their ideas in an international environment. The program… Read more

Diachrony and the Case of Aesop

[[Also published in print in Diachrony: Diachronic Studies of Ancient Greek Literature and Culture, 2015, ed. José M. González, pp. 233–290. Pagination is herein represented by “{…|…},” indicating where one page ends and another begins. This online version is longer than the printed version due to the fact that, in the… Read more