Volume 16

Sappho, Cleon and Eros in Aristophanes’ Knights

About halfway through Aristophanes’ Knights, the play’s two main characters, the Paphlagonian and the Sausage-seller, call out to Demos, who emerges from his door: [1]           ΔΗΜΟΣ τίνες οἱ βοῶντες; οὐκ ἄπιτ᾽ ἀπὸ τῆς θύρας;           τὴν εἰρεσιώνην μου κατεσπαράξατε. 730    τίς, ὦ Παφλαγὼν, ἀδικεῖ σε;… Read more

The Morphology of Epiphany in Song 1 of Sappho

Introduction The epiphany of the goddess Aphrodite in Song 1 of Sappho may seem, from a modern perspective, paradoxical. On the one hand, if one considers epiphany to mean simply the appearance of a divinity, it is not difficult to identify the exact moment in which the song’s epiphany occurs;… Read more