Volume 18

Why Make a Digital Critical Edition of a Latin Source? The Histoire du Grand Comte Roger et de son frère Robert Guiscard by Gaufredus Malaterra in Context

Marie Bisson and Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel The rise of digital humanities has contributed greatly to the study of ancient and medieval texts by rendering accessible a large collection of downloadable and searchable texts and by digitizing many manuscript collections that preserve the memory of these texts. Nevertheless, very few researchers today… Read more

Introduction: Ancient Manuscripts and Virtual Research Environments

Claire Clivaz and Garrick V. Allen This volume of Classics@ explores and analyses a methodological turn in ancient studies: the practice of presenting harvested data in ancient manuscripts within virtual research environments (VREs). What changes when research on ancient manuscripts occurs in a VRE, especially in early Jewish and Christian literature, New Testament,… Read more

Towards better VREs: key concepts and basic challenges

Simone Zenzaro Improving the current state of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) requires to address the growing complexity of their design and development. To this extent, the focused awareness on three fundamental aspects of VRE design mitigates the difficulties of such a challenge. These features are: continuous update, effectiveness, and interlinking. Read more

Handling Big Manuscript Data

Elpida Perdiki and Maria Konstantinidou This contribution describes a series of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) tests performed on medieval Greek manuscripts and run on Transkribus, a platform for collaboratively transcribing and retrieving historical documents. [1] Transkribus was chosen on the basis of its suitability for… Read more