Issue 1

kyklos1 – Landing

Kyklos Volume 1 27 June 2012 Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington,Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplio, GreeceUniversity of WashingtonUniversity of TorontoUniversity of FloridaDurham University Epic Cycle: Early Conceptualization and Later ReceptionEfstathia Maria C. Athanasopoulou (CHS, Nafplio, Greece)Respondent Jonathan Burgess Diomedes between the Iliad and the Epic CycleCatherine Goode (Durham University)Respondent… Read more

kyklos1: rohdenberg

Back Taphians and Thesprotians Within and Beyond the Odyssey Rebecca Rohdenberg & Jim Marks It is undisputed that the Homeric account of Odysseus took shape in the midst of various and often conflicting stories about the hero’s parentage, involvement in the Trojan War, and protracted return. [1] As… Read more

kyklos1: goode

Back Tydeus and the Cadmaeans Catherine Goode In the 2010 edition of Trends in Classics, edited by Christos Tsagalis and entitled “Homeric Hypertextuality”, Mary Ebbott explored how we can use hypertextual links in the Iliad to discover more about the Theban tradition of stories, which may provide possible links… Read more

kyklos1: bertany

Back Slaughter at the Altar: The Career of Neoptolemus at Troy in the Epic Cycle and Beyond Edward Bertany In his Description of Greece, Pausanias provides an extremely detailed ekphrasis of the famous murals completed by Polygnotus in the first half of the fifth century BCE at the Cnidian… Read more

kyklos1: Bassino

Back Lesches and the Contest between Homer and Hesiod Paola Bassino In this paper I offer a new analysis of Plutarch’s Dinner of the Seven Sages 153f–154a, one of the most interesting testimonia about Lesches, one of the alleged poets of the Epic Cycle. In this passage Lesches is… Read more

German Translations

Posidippus, Epigrams, Pap. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309 LithikaOionoskopika Tropoi top Lithika AB 20 Wie einmal Du die ganze Helike mit ihren Felsenspitzen     durch eine einzige Welle an den Sand erleuchtetest,so würdest Du auch Eleusis schlagen, ähnlich einem hundertfacher Hurrikan,     sofern Demeter Deine Hand nicht küssen würde.Nur… Read more

French Translations

Posidippus, Epigrams, Pap. Mil. Vogl. VIII 309 HippikaIamatikaLithika NauagikaTropoi top Hippika AB 71 Mon cheval de course, Fougueux, [fut vainqueur,]     et moi aussi, dans la même course pythique.A deux reprises je fus proclamé vainqueur, moi Hippostratès, et mon cheval     remporta le prix avec… Read more