Classics@18: Ancient Manuscripts and Virtual Research Environments

This volume of Classics@ aims to explore and analyse a methodological turn in ancient studies: the practice of presenting harvested data in ancient manuscripts within virtual research environments (VREs). The long and short contributions of this fascicle are selective examples of this move in research, and they have been collected from the first conference organized by the MARK16 project. As a five-year project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), MARK16 works, as its primary methodological challenge, to build a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) focused on the last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. Consequently, the online conference organized by the project in September 2020 from Lausanne (CH) focused on this point by gathering together a range of scholars working on ancient manuscripts in diverse fields, as well as scholars from the digital humanities. The first round of articles accepted in peer-review is first published here in March 2021, including two long papers and six short papers. Several other long papers are now in review and will, hopefully, join the two published here in short order.

– From the Introduction


Claire Clivaz and Garrick V. Allen, “Introduction: Ancient Manuscripts and Virtual Research Environments.”

Gregory S. Paulson, “The Nestle-Aland as Open Digital Edition: Already and Not Yet.”

Claire Clivaz, Mina Monier, and Jonathan Barda, “MARK16 as Virtual Research Environment: Challenges and Opportunities in New Testament Studies.”

Elpida Perdiki and Maria Konstantinidou, “Handling Big Manuscript Data.”

Elisa Nury and Elena Spadini, “Automatic Collation Tools and Virtual Research Environments.”

Simone Zenzaro, “Towards better VREs: key concepts and basic challenges.”

Riccardo Macchioro, “The PASSIM Project (Patristic Sermons in the Middle Ages): Towards a Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Patristic Sermon Collections.”

Francesca Galli and Elena Nieddu, “In Codice Ratio: Using VREs in the Study of the Medieval Vatican Registers.”

Marie Bisson and Marie-Agnès Lucas-Avenel, “Why Make a Digital Critical Edition of a Latin Source? The Histoire du Grand Comte Roger et de son frère Robert Guiscard by Gaufredus Malaterra in Context.”